Bring Back Our Boys – A Letter from God

17 Jun

To My Dearest Children,

Bring back our Boys.

Like all of you, it pains Me to witness the evil that some human beings feel empowered to carry out against others. Having created all of you in My image, with the power to do good and to choose to do that which is right, it is disheartening, to say the very least, when my very own creations not only abuse the gift of life and freedom to choose, but then turn around and fool themselves into thinking that in some perverse way, they honor Me through their despicable deeds.

Ayal, Gilad and Naphtali have become the latest victims of this abuse of the sacred gifts with which I have blessed all of humanity. There is no place for such insolence in the the world I had envisioned for you when I first created you.

Bring back our Boys.

Be it known, however, that the soul which I have personally breathed into each and every one of you upon your entrance into My world carries within it at all times that divine spark, and so, in even the worst of times, I am there with you.  I will be your source of strength, I will be your reminder of all that is good even in the darkest hour.

However, as painful as this might sound, it is not in My hands to bring back our boys. Instead, I have given you the tools to make this happen:

  • The reverence for life and desire to preserve it.
  • The willingness to sacrifice for the welfare of others, even those you have never met.
  • Faith in justice, and commitment to overcoming injustice.
  • Even the ability to have remorse, to repent, to acknowledge when you have gone too far in the pursuit of your objectives. I have blessed each and every one of you with the ability to be merciful.

Bring back our Boys.

To my first born, my people Israel: I hear your prayers….they are powerful and heartfelt.  Ayal, Gilad and Naftali have brought you together as one people.  They have reminded you all that as one nation you stand before me at all times.

I cannot promise, however, that even your most fervent prayers can bring Me to intervene.  It is not my usual way to resolve issues that human begins have brought upon themselves; however, know that I am with you…I am by your side.

As security forces search to find the boys, I will stand by them, I will inspire them and I will bless them with the strength to get the job done, as I hug the boys and their families and remind them to stand strong as well. As you, my beloved children, women and men – as you gather in prayer, I am there with you, and my spirit embraces each and every one of you,  strengthening your souls at this hour of great anguish and uncertainty.

Stop for nothingTake all the necessary steps…go forth, and bring back our boys.





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