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Just make it stop

30 Jul

The unspeakable events that took place just one week ago on the settlement of Halamish (Neve Tzuf) have left a country wavering between tears of anguish and bouts of rage. A Friday night celebration of life, the birth of a grandson, turned into bloodbath of terror.

This bereaved mother of five reminds us all that victims of terror are random targets, and that questions of”why me, why us?”  are fruitless and unnecessary.

At the brit of her nephew, her brother, Shmuel, father of the newborn, stood before the crowd that had gathered to celebrate and said, ““We are still clothed in mourner’s outfits. We have chosen life, especially in these terrible days we are choosing happiness and hope over sadness and despair. We have chosen unity over divisiveness.”

The Salomon family is a fine tribute to the resilience of the Israeli people.

Facing terror and tragedy in this way is not a coincidence, but rather, the result of a rich foundation, a strong faith, a sense of purpose.  It is the reason I am seeking assistance in the translation of my book, “Where’s My Miracle?” into Hebrew.

Michal, I am confident that the Dayan Emet (God, the True Judge) of widows and orphans is already with you, at your side, setting the stage to care for you and your wonderful children going forward.  As you know, this was not God’s doing, but the evil choice of an evil man.  Thank you for reminding the world of this ever-so important truth.